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We love hearing stories of the history of Switchel, variations on Switchel and spirited recipes for mixing Switchel into craft cocktails.  


At its core, Switchel is a refreshing, thirst quenching, quintessential American farmer’s drink.  Recipes vary across regions, and we love to hear the different ways it can be used to enhance the balance of sweet and sour, tang of vinegar and gingery zing.  Personalizing Switchel is a great way to make your own – we want to hear about your recipes!


Whether is the time tested Haymaker Punch (dark rum), citrus enhanced (lime juice), whisky (Martha Stewart loves a Rye-whiskey Switchel, or simply on ice to slake your hard earned thirst, we are confident you will be amazed at how delicious and refreshing Switchel can be.  


It’s the kind of drink you get excited to share with others because of how unexpected the nutritious ingredients come together to feel like more of a treat than a “good for you” tonic.  Vermont is the proud home to creative and time-tested Switchel recipes, a chilled glass will always enhance the day.  


So please, whether it’s via  FacebookTwitter, Instagram or the form below, send me your thoughts, comments and ideas because I do this for you!


Tell us your thoughts!

Don Osmer and Terry Mullen

Owners, Hardwick Vermont

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