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Simple Switchel Recipes

Here’s a list of simple Switchel recipes:

  1. Freeze in ice cube trays and add to a cold glass of water or tea.

  2. Freeze for “Switch-cicles” in paper cups with wooden spoons

  3. Heat it up in the winter! Add a small piece of cinnamon for a great mulled drink when curling up on the couch or add a dash of your favorite rum to take away the winter chill.

  4. Are you looking for something with a little carbonation? Put Switchel in your counter top seltzer maker and pump it up with some CO2.

  5. Feeling a little stuffy with a cold coming on?  Ty a quick switchel remedy! Heat up Vermont Switchel with a splash of whiskey and a pinch of cayenne to clear you out and help you sleep.

Check out our cocktail recipes.

We have had some other suggestions (Switchel Shandy and salad dressing and even a marinade for a pork loin) that have come our way that are just begging to be explored yet we are too busy cranking out Switchel to work on these right now. So if you are feeling creative grab some Switchel and let us know what you concoct.

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