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Vermont Switchel Company Has New Owners!

Vermont Switchel Company has new owners!

In May, 2019, Don Osmer and Terry Mullen met with Susan Alexander , Founder of The Vermont Switchel Company and fell in love with Switchel.  Don and Terry met at New England College in the 80s and have been close friends and teammates ever since!  Don was born and raised in Vermont and Terry is a native New Englander from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Soon after the meeting with Susan, they became the new owners of Vermont Switchel Company.  


Our plan is to keep the brand, the company, the history, and the thirst quenching greatness in Vermont.  


In addition to a shared history of over 30 years of friendship, Don and Terry are committed to keeping the Vermont spirit in Switchel.  The new headquarters remains in Hardwick, Vermont.  Don and Terry are also each proud fathers of teenage sons who are learning the business alongside them, hopefully creating a new legacy. 


We look forward to the new adventure!

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