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Switchel Drink
Editor's Choice - Yankee Magazine - Food Award Winner


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Shop our Simply Clean Hydration - Original Recipe Vermont Switchel.
Switchel is traditional American beverage that has been passed down for generations. We're proud to carry on brewing the classic switchel recipe.

What is Switchel? Discover what makes this drink special.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

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Mad Marathon

Mad Marathon

July 12, 2020 | Waitsfield, VT 05673

The Tenth Annual Mad Marathon, Mad Half and relays are scheduled for July 12, 2020 in the gorgeous Mad River Valley, located in Central Vermont.

You will be running through this extraordinary rural community on back and dirt roads, with breathtaking views of the Green Mountains, challenging rollin farmlands with tough climbs and descents, quaint villages, historic barns, covered bridges and fields of our famous Vermont cows!


Vermont Switchel

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Vermont Switchel
Switchel cocktail recipes

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Vermont Switchel Reviews

Here's what Vermont Switchel drinkers are saying!

Love this beverage! Healthy, tasty and great hydration on a hit summer day!

Patricia A.

Just tried my first Switchel - and it was delicious! The flavors of ginger, maple and lemon mix to create a taste sensation! Yum!

Virginia W.

Just enjoyed our first bottle of Switchel from our front porch in Weare, NH. We loved it and will be repeat customers! Thanks Don and Terry for helping us slake our thirst!

Jane B.

Yum! Just tried our first tastes on Saturday. Wish we brought more home to Maine!

Stephanie D.

Who knew switchel has been around for 100's of years? It's good to drink while you're haying/working out.

Local 22 & Local 44 News

Hot switchel on a cold day camping at Maquoketa Caves State Park was a hit!!! Thank you!!

Catharine F.

Thank you Soooo Much for bringing Switchel back! Bought a few bottles today... It brought me back to when I was a kid working on the farm! Great product from great folks! Proud to support someone local! Thank you and God Bless!

‎Rick H.

Switchel is Ian's favorite drink on the farm, an all natural energy drink! Nothing better after a long day of haying.

Dimond Hill Farm

Skied up to the top of Sterling Gorge Trail yesterday & it was mighty chilly (0F). Slaked my thirst with some hot Switchel out of the thermos…ahhh!. Tried to get a picture, but the camera froze up. Gave me the boost to attack the wild ride down.

George K.

Refreshing!!! So glad I had a chance to sample The Vermont Switchel Company... Def on this weekend's workout and cocktail menus!


Switchel is healthy, refreshing and delicious!

Jane B.

Switchel is the best!

Jeff P.

This stuff is awesome!

Troy J.

Thank you Vermont Switchel Company! Your Switchel was the perfect remedy to give me back energy after 24 hour intense migraine!

‎Aileen M.

Psyched to find the best replenishing beverage after hot yoga. On another note, switching Vermont Switchel for ginger beer in a Moscow Mule is a truly refreshing in front of the fire tonight! LOVE My Vermont Switchel!


Thanks Vermont Switchel Company...came how chilled to the bone from my sons soccer game, but heated up a mug of Switchel and I was warm from head to toe on minutes!

Aileen M.

Great thirst quencher! Was 98 degrees yesterday and just came back from a run and really enjoyed this for the first time.

Richard E.

Loved it! Very refreshing!

‎Vanessa O

Thank you to The Vermont Switchel Company for keeping us fueled and hydrated during our hike up Mt. Elmore today!

Lills A.

Bought some at the farmers market in Burlington today and it's really delicious. It's been refreshing and energizing us after a long night up with four month old twins. Not exactly hay making but still hard work.

Charlotte M.

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